All about investment in diamonds

We always want to have more than we do. In order to protect and expand our assets, we buy commodities which value not only do not go down but increases instead. We invest to build our wealth and to protect our capital from financial fluctuations.

Why invest in diamonds?

The annual increase in the value of a one carat diamond is about 3%. For diamonds with a higher number of carats this can be up to 25% p. a.

At present, there is no long-term commodity trading in the world that would outperform colored diamonds.  Due to their continuous growth, colored diamonds are, together with gold, considered the most stable investment tool ever.

In addition to natural growth in value, you can support your investment by additional processing or by setting the diamond in original jewelry.

Potential on financial markets

In 2011, there were six diamond exchanges in the world. In New York, Antwerp, Tel Aviv, Dubai, Mumbai and Hong Kong. Their turnover in 2011 was estimated at $ 202-232 billion. In 2015, a new diamond bourse in Panama, the main diamond sales centre in South America with global overlap, was established.

The involvement of the new investment community and their $ 1 trillion has the potential to increase world trade turnover more than five times. And that will be at a horizon of less than 10 years. This will go hand in hand with the prices increase of investment diamonds.

Fancy coloured diamond

I can recognize the owners of coloured diamonds already at the door. They are personalities who have passion in their eyes and love the stories that the jewels stored in their jewellery boxes can tell. Stories that make every day worth it. Discover the magic of colourful diamonds and the possibilities of traditional profitable investment.

Luboš Korbička


Various ways of investment in diamonds


Purchase of large mining companies’ shares


  • The cleverly chosen fund can offer more liquidity
  • The risk is spread over multiple number of diamonds
  • You can get the investment below market value


  • You do not own any specific diamond
  • Orientation in products may be difficult
  • Investment regulations

Pořízení vlastních diamantů


  • máte 100% kontrolu nad pořízeným diamantem
  • vaše nakládání s ním nepodléhá žádným omezením
  • zpracováním do šperků můžete dodatečně zvýšit jeho hodnotu


  • hrozí ztráta nebo odcizení
  • obchodování je vázáno na místo prodeje a diamantové burzy

How to invest?

  1. At choose coloured diamond according to your wish
  2. Insert the diamond into the basket and fill in the necessary information
  3. Upon completion, you will receive an email confirming your purchase
  4. We will contact you regarding delivery within 3 days

A rare commodity

Coloured diamonds are so rare that if you decide to buy them, you will have to wait for a few weeks. In US auctions there are 112 offers of Picasso paintings to one blue diamond sale.

A rare commodity

Preservation Of Wealth

With the turmoil of financial markets, wealth preservation can be a more come important aspect of investment than higher returns. Your wealth preservation is guaranteed because of the above mentioned advantages of diamond investment. Diamonds have never fallen out of favour; they keep their value, and help to preserve it for the future generations.


We also provide our clients with advice and take care of their investments. Call us. We will analyse your portfolio and recommend you what to do.

You can trade diamonds in many places in the heart of Europe and around the world. We will help you to choose the most appropriate place, and if you wish, we can help you to sell and maximize your profits.

We will be happy to advise you on your selection either personally in our jewellery or on line +420 737 857 870.

Luboš Korbička at work